Why No One Talks About Tips Anymore

The Secrets to Success with Link Building Firms Many people who are into blogging these days wants to make money online. But, the first important thing that you need to consider doing would be to get your blog ranked high first at search engines because it will help to lead to traffic and sales. These Read More

Exactly What Might Be in the Cloud for You and Your Enterprise?

Absolutely everyone, it seems, is actually speaking about “a type of cloud” or perhaps “cloud technology” and “cloud computing.” If perhaps you’re an Apple product user, you may be by now experienced with your login to icloud, icloudlogin.com. The possibility is undoubtedly high, even so, that even though you use the cloud, that you simply Read More

Old Havana fiber trial to begin August 20th? Many unanswered questions.

Old Havana (red area) Last February, ETECSA announced a pilot connectivity project in two Havana neighborhoods. The Associated Press report said Cubans in Old Havana would be able to “order service through fiber optic connections operated with Chinese telecom operator Huawei.” I'd not heard anything more about this until the other day when a friend Read More

Citmatel Editorial — obsolete

Cuba's Information Technology and Advanced Electronic Services Enterprise, Citmatel, has a Web site where they offer CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, e-books and downloadable documents for sale: Home page at the Editorial Citmatel site I've argued that Cuba might have a future as an educational content producer, so clicked on education and found 31 courses in math, Read More

Cuba's intranet portal is now on the Web

Cuba should stick to things in which they have a comparative advantage — as the saying goes, “do what you do best and link to the rest.” A year ago, a team of students and employees at the University of Information Science (UCI) launched a digital portal designed to unify all services and applications available Read More